Developer Resources

A succint collection of documentation, tools, and tutorials on 0L, the Move Smart Contracts Language, and the original Diem codeset. Note that the links will open in a new window. Please contact us if you’d like to add/correct anything on this list.

0L Native

Move Smart Contracts Language

  • Move Tutorial (GitHub) : Move tutorial that provides an overview of using the df-cli and creating a basic coin contract.
  • Awesome Move : An excellent collection of Move resources from our partners over at Mysten Labs. Hosted on GitHub.
  • The Move Book : Very nice attempt to create a comprehensive Move language resource. Most extensive one stop site for information on Move.
  • Move Intro from Diem : Useful tutorials from Diem on smart contracts, modules, coin creation, and more.
  • Move Design Principles Video : YouTube video explaining the features of the Move language, how it compares to other blockchain programming languages and why some of the design decisions were made.
  • Official Move Language Documentation : The official Move smart contracts language documentation, hosted on Github.
  • 0L Move Language Documentation : Documentation for the Move smart contracts language, as implemented in the 0L Network. Docs hosted on GitHub.
  • Move CLI : The Move command-line interface (Move CLI) is a tool that provides an easy way to interact with Move, to experiment with writing and running Move code, and to experiment with developing new tools useful for Move development. Hosted on GitHub.
  • Dove – A Move Package Manager : Move language package manager for Diem and Pontem networks, hosted on GitHub.
  • Move Analyzer : A Visual Studio language server and basic grammar for the Move programming language.
  • StarCoin Move Contracts : GitHub resource for Move smart contracts as implemented on the StarCoin blockchain.
  • Dfinance Move Tools : A toolset for Move language projects from Dfinance. Hosted on GitHub.

Diem Resources