Carpe Desktop App

This desktop app is a combination wallet and light miner. It connects to the 0L network and lets you create accounts, do some account management, and participate in the network by mining coins. It runs on Windows or Mac and can be used on a wide variety of desktop and notebook computers.

Like any account-based blockchain, any new account address you create in the Carpe app will be inactive (will not exist on the chain). For the account to become active, someone needs to send you at least one coin to it; that is the essence of the onboarding process. Until that happens your account does not exist “on chain”. If you don’t know anyone yet on 0L, come into the Discord chat and just ask anyone there. Many people will be happy to help get you onboarded. Otherwise the app should guide you through it.

Stay tuned….we’re about to announce some great new enhancements to the wallet functionality!


Download Carpe

The button below will take you to the Github archive for Carpe, where you can select the right package for your operating system.