Press Release – 1 Feb 2022

Mysten Labs Partners With 0L Network to Expand Move For Secure Smart Contracts

Mysten Labs, a Web 3.0 infrastructure company, announced a partnership with 0L Network, an open and permissionless version of the Diem blockchain. Together, Mysten Labs and 0L will build tools and resources for the Move smart contract programming language. Move, released as part of the Diem technology stack, is uniquely effective for secure smart contract development. In line with the partnership, the projects plan to roll out joint Move hackathons and mentorship programs starting in March 2022.

The Defiant – 16 Nov 2021

0L Aims To Revive Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency With Fair Launch

Every now and then folks adjacent to crypto Twitter like to tweet out some version of “Remember Libra?”. Libra was Facebook’s first effort to get in on the decentralized web, with a bold promise to “bank the unbanked” via blockchain that was revealed in mid-2019. The world’s largest social network caved in to regulatory pressure and gave up on its higher-end ambitions less than a year later.