University of Toronto MSRG

D is for Donations

The Call for Research Donations

The Research Donations seek to attract funding to help support basic research and discovery targeted at distributed ledger and blockchain technology as well as distributed systems in the long term.

0L address: 1367B68C86CB27FA7215D9F75A26EB8F

ETH address: coming soon

Safe for potential administrative costs, we intend for donations to be passed on as the same to the University of Toronto‚Äôs Advancement Office in support of the research activities of the Middleware Systems Research Group –

Present and past members of the Middleware Systems Research Group have contributed to major open-source projects and created such projects in general and to 0L and Ethereum in particular. Insights gained from these activities, especially, the design, development, deployment and maintenance of non-trivial, globally operating systems are an invaluable asset in learning about as well as deriving research directions in distributed systems. These practical, real-world insights are difficult to derive from controlled laboratory experiments alone.

Donations will support research in the scope of MSRG.