The Iqlusion Engineering Program

Iqlusion intends to supervise the evolution and extension of 0L blockchain from it’s current nascent form into a full feature base layer in the multichain world. We intend to establish a mature engineering program around 0L with design documents, ADR, pull requests and code review to ensure a stable and robust blockchain platform. Of particular interest to us is developing an engineering program to connect 0L to the Internet of Blockchains via support for Ethereum and IBC interoperability.

The Onchain program

Funds donated to the iqlusion Engineering program will be used to establish and compensate community members engaged in engineering work both original work, maintenance and review of the code.

The Address of the iqlusion on-chain program wallet is C906F67F626683B77145D1F20C1A753B.

What is Iqlusion?

Iqlusion is a blockchain infrastructure company that has been building and operating infrastructure. We were one of the first Proof of Stake validator companies. We are currently primarily focused on protocol development.