Moonshot Program

Liberators of Libra LLC is a small software development company involved in blockchain software development, including for 0L network. The company has not raised venture capital nor has any investment partners.

Inspired by the well-known Xprize awards, we think large and meaningful rewards are necessary to materialize frontier technologies which are ambitious, speculative, and non-obvious. As such, LOL has established “Moonshot Projects”. This program sponsors large rewards for teams with extraordinary background in technology, and a plausible path to deplying said technology in society. We are seeking breakthrough use-cases which depend on yet-unrealized innovations in distributed systems and cryptography. Success for “Moonshots” means producing a jump discontinuity for any industry or any human activity, but not necessarily immediately.

The program principally aims to a) identify opportunities, b) match teams to opportunities, and c) manage an expert-led evaluation process for technical achievements. Financial awards or grants for technical achievements will be contributed from LOL proprietary funds.

Donations to LOL for the Moonshot Program are accepted at the 0L account: 2057BCFB0189B7FD0ABA7244BA271661.

Donations will be used to fund awards of the program. For professional administration of the resources of the program LOL will retain an administrative fee up to 5% of the funds awarded to teams.

LOL will mark this address as a “CommunityWallet” on chain. By that we mean:

  • that we will only disburse funds after polling the community.
  • funds will only be transferred to an 0L SlowWallet, which releases funds over time.
  • we allow 2/3 of validators (by voting power) to vote to reject our transactions.
  • if an epoch’s validator set decides to sunset this account (burn values and make inaccessible) for any reason, we will oblige.