Deep Technology Innovation Program

BlockScience Inc is an engineering research and development firm, which has been operating in and around the distributing computing field since 2017. BlockScience has collaborated with a wide range of industry and academic researchers on a variety of topics, including but not limited to mechanism design, distributed computing, collective intelligence and the social implications of algorithmic policymaking.

BlockScience has established the Deep Technology Innovation Program in order to create a pathway for the 0L network to provide funding to the academic fields that technology and other cryptonetworks rely upon, not only for technological advance but also to support the interdisciplinary research which creates the cultural context for ethical application of this technology.

Recent events have shown us that we cannot rely on our web2 corporate empires to pursue technology research ethically. Furthermore, our academic institutions are far too reliant on funding with implicit strings attached. Academic freedom includes freedom from financial coercion, which necessitates sources of funding whose mandate is the pursuit of knowledge in service of the public good in accordance with sound epistemilogical practice.

This Deep Technology Innovation Program will provide opportunities for best in class academic and industry research teams to pursue courses of research aimed at innovation of the internet (from cables all the way to human users) as an information infrastructure. This infrastructure is the nervous system of our global society, the most critical and far reaching public good surpassed in its importance only by the earth itself.

The program will solicit research proposals, evaluate proposals based on their scientific merits, team qualifications and the potential impact of the research. Solicitation and evaluations will be performed by knowledgeable researchers including both BlockScience staff and third-party experts.

Donations to the Deep Technology Innovation Program are accepted at the address: BB6926434D1497A559E4F0487F79434F.

Donations will be used to award grants for potential high impact projects. This address is a special class of “CommunityWallet” on chain. Funds will only be disbursed after polling the community. Specifically, funds will be transferred to another address only if 2/3 of validators in an epoch approve (by voting power). To cover costs of managing this program, BlockScience may receive an administrative fee up to 4% of the funds awarded to teams; this dispersement is also subject to community approval. As a CommunityWallet if the validators see fit to Sunset this account, its operators will accommodate.