Application Studio

Newlab ( as a platform strives to pair frontier technology with real-world challenges and partners. Our multidisciplinary community and mothership at the Brooklyn Navy Yard is made up of over 750 members and 160 companies. We are a high-performing community of inventors, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs reimagining 21st century infrastructure. Newlab has extensive experience pairing frontier technology with legacy industries and cities, investing in early-stage ventures, identifying winning teams as well as directly contributing to the growth of new I.P. and companies from the ground up.

In addition to being a member of the 0L community and early miner, Newlab is starting a program to back teams that have clearly-defined plans to leverage 0L for applications with real-world, measurable impact and utility (the “0L Application Studio”). Newlab is excited to serve as a platform to foster these real-world applications of 0L and help these efforts partner with industry to transform or leapfrog existing legacy infrastructure.

If you would like to support this program, your contributions are welcome at: bc25f79fef8a981be4636ac1a2d6f587.

Donations will be used to fund awards of the program, as determined by Newlab’s team in partnership with the 0L community. Newlab intends to be proactively involved in helping studio partners realize applications that have utility, impact and scale. In order to cover administrative costs, Newlab will collect 10% of funds received.