Team Arctika Recommendation

To survive, the 0L Network needs to solve two problems. We need:

  1.  Abundant capital for security, and
  2. Abundant capital for recruiting talent.

And if possible, we should solve these problems in a fashion that does not worsen the inequality between members of the community.

Much More Capital Is Needed

The crypto headwinds are significant: Regulatory pressure, fraud, scammers and a macro economic environment that favors the bears. If the network wants to survive the next decade, without any inflation, it needs to reserve a large portion of the network capital for future purposes. We will need to provision a greater amount than our peers who have inflation.

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Libra Liberated

There once was a community that wanted a blockchain.

Its members wanted to be a part of the coming transformation of society.

This is the story of how they got their chain, and why you might want to join them.

The Opportunity

Decentralized architecture, coupled with the power of smart contracts, is a once-in-a-century opportunity for society: It is far more than programmable money, it is a canvas for valuable human interactions.

The opportunity is materializing now. While the common narrative is that it is still “early days,” the reality is that the value of individual crypto networks reach toward, and even surpass, one trillion US dollars.…

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The Rulebook at Genesis

As you can see in our write ups mentioned above, we do things a little differently around here: We had no venture investors, there is no premine, no foundation with tokens, and anyone with a laptop can participate and earn coins. Here’s a quick reference to the policies implemented at genesis:


  • Rewards are paid at the end of each “Epoch”, daily at 16:00 UTC.
  • The majority of the rewards will go to Validator Nodes, you’ll need a cloud host to be successful at this (you can’t do this with a laptop, and you need to be somewhat technical). Transaction fees are the principal source of rewards, but they can be augmented by Guaranteed Minimum subsidies.
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