Proposal Type: Signalling
Champion: 0o-de-lally
Date: 12 October 2022
State: Draft / Work in Progress


If the Final Supply proposal (2210-1) passes, an Infrastructure Escrow Community Wallet will be created to provide future validator rewards; this is a replacement for the daily minting of coins. The need for validator incentives will remain after minting of new coins stops, and this fund is designed to fill that gap into the medium term future (5-10 years). 

Note that the re-basing contemplated by the Final Supply proposal means that the total supply will increase by a multiple. That multiple can be applied equally to all wallet types or distributed among the wallet holders in a variety of unequal fashions. The funds for the Infrastructure Escrow Community Wallet have to come from somewhere. So, as the supply is increased by the re-basing, a portion of tokens need to be carved off and put into a Community Wallet to pay for future incentives. It is inevitable that someone has to be diluted. This proposal asks voters to signal how they want that burden to be distributed.


The escrow fund should cover between 5 and 10 years of network infrastructure subsidies. To achieve that, wallets will have to be diluted. This proposal asks you how you prefer that dilution to occur; it asks you who do you want to see diluted. The options are:\

  1. Carpe Miners
  2. Workers
  3. Validators
  4. Community Wallets

Based on the expression of preference by the voters, a formula will be created. 

Remember, this is a quadratic voting process so you can express strong preferences here if you so desire. Quadratic Voting shows conviction voting on each of these variants, and based on that we can estimate how much each party should pay and put that forward in a subsequent governance action. 

(By way of example: If the community votes equally strongly to dilute all, then all accounts should be diluted. In contrast, if two of the categories of wallets stand out equally then those wallets would have the same dilution (while the other two none). And variations on this.)

Impact of Voting YES on this Proposal

  1. Voting Yes on any of the variants increases the share that the group in question will contribute to the infrastructure escrow. Voting with greater conviction will increase the share.

Impact of Voting NO on this Proposal

Voting No on any variant, reduces the proportion that the group will contribute to the escrow fund. Voting NO with greater conviction reduces the share.

Impact of Abstaining on this Proposal

  • If you do not have conviction on these items, (you use your Quadratic Voting credits elsewhere) the proportions will be set by other voters.

Reference Materials

Notes on Process

  • This document is a Draft / Work in Progress. It will change until marked as FINAL. The closing date for revisions is 15 October.
  • Publication here is an invitation for community collaboration and co-creation.
  • To engage on this content, visit the #governance-proposals channel on the 0L Discord (link at bottom right)
  • Once this Proposal is finalized, it will be the subject of Voting on the Radical X Change platform. If you do not yet have credentials, visit the #rxc-voice-discussion channel on the 0L Discord and make a request to join.
  • Voting opens 17 Oct and closes 22 Oct
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