Proposal Type: Signalling
Champion: TBD
Date: 11 October 2022
State: Draft/Work in Progress


The community has signaled the importance of profitable unit economics. Experimentation is needed in order to create revenue streams from a) new protocol products, b) third party applications and c) off-chain businesses. Currently in the 0L tech stack, there are few functions, or bindings for that experimentation take place. This proposal advocates for the network to create this foundational tooling.


Develop new protocol services. Third party apps, and offline protocols need an easy way to charge fees in 0L coins. Priorities:

  • Helpers in DiemAccount.move to facilitate future products
    • Bridge
    • Name service
    • Indexing Service
    • Exchange
  • Applications and Off-chain Scaffolds for Revenue
    • Create App revenue bindings
    • Simple transaction capabilities, tracking, and bindings should be provided.

Impact of Voting YES on this Proposal

  1. The 0L standard library will be extended so that developers can easily charge fees in 0L coins, which will help generate revenue to the chain.
  2. Engineers will be funded to work on developing a spec and delivering the code.

Impact of Voting NO on this Proposal

  1. This will not be worked on at the moment, and third party developers need to issue their own coins for apps.

Reference Materials

  • n/a

Notes on Process

  • This document is a Draft / Work in Progress. It will change until marked as FINAL. The closing date for revisions is 15 October.
  • Publication here is an invitation for community collaboration and co-creation.
  • To engage on this content, visit the #governance-proposals channel on the 0L Discord (link at bottom right)
  • Once this Proposal is finalized, it will be the subject of Voting on the Radical X Change platform. If you do not yet have credentials, visit the #rxc-voice-discussion channel on the 0L Discord and make a request to join.
  • Voting opens 17 Oct and closes 22 Oct
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