10 Feb 2022 — With the launch of the beta version of the Carpe Desktop App, the 0L Network has taken the next step towards making it possible for anyone to run a miner and earn crypto rewards.

Carpe is a desktop wallet and miner that runs on the new 0L Network blockchain. The app is lightweight and designed to help you establish your digital identity in the 0L Network, while paying you coins to do so. Carpe is a standalone desktop application that will run on any contemporary Windows or Mac machine. The app is gentle on your resources, meaning that you can continue to use your computer normally while the app runs in the background. Simply install it, turn it on, and start earning tokens.

Today’s release is the Beta of Carpe. The new version includes an improved interface and user experience and, under the hood, auto-update and automatic network connections. With this release, the community would also like to thank the over 3,000 (!!) alpha testers who have helped us bring Carpe to where it is today.

To get started, follow this link. We’ve also created a set of easy to follow instructions, including a video tutorial. Additionally, you can also find a welcoming community of people that would be happy to help you on our Discord Server. Join us!

Carpe Diem

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